In this episode of AgileNEXT, Sara Ford joins Daniel and Stephen to discuss her thoughts on agile at big companies, innovation, and where Agile is headed NEXT.

Some topics include:



From Sara:

I love combining agile (XP) methodologies with community management to provide the best user experience possible for my products. I wake up every morning day dreaming about tech writing, blogging, building sample “how do I” apps, and to one day win a “best presentation” award at a conference.

When I left Microsoft in 2010 (although I rejoined in 2012 at the Silicon Valley campus to work on Office for iPad), I was considered one of Microsoft’s key losses ranked #28.

For my Masters in Human Factors (UX) at San Jose State, I built the first Kinect application to study Motor Learning methodologies in Kinesiology.

In my spare time, I’ve started playing with iOS development in swift. Check out my non-CodePlex code at

Specialties: user experience, product management, agile development, online community management, open source development, customer service, public speaking, technical writing, book author, software testing