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Episode 04: Sara Ford, PM at GitHub – Agile:NEXT

In this episode of AgileNEXT, Sara Ford joins Daniel and Stephen to discuss her thoughts on agile at big companies, innovation, and where Agile is headed NEXT.

Some topics include:




From Sara:

I love combining agile (XP) methodologies with community management to provide the best user experience possible for my products. I wake up every morning day dreaming about tech writing, blogging, building sample “how do I” apps, and to one day win a “best presentation” award at a conference.

When I left Microsoft in 2010 (although I rejoined in 2012 at the Silicon Valley campus to work on Office for iPad), I was considered one of Microsoft’s key losses ranked #28. http://www.eweek.com/c/a/IT-Management/Leaving-Microsoft-Software-Giants-Key-Employee-Losses-725500

For my Masters in Human Factors (UX) at San Jose State, I built the first Kinect application to study Motor Learning methodologies in Kinesiology.

In my spare time, I’ve started playing with iOS development in swift. Check out my non-CodePlex code at https://github.com/saraford

Specialties: user experience, product management, agile development, online community management, open source development, customer service, public speaking, technical writing, book author, software testing

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