In this episode of AgileNEXT, Bill Joiner joins Daniel and Stephen to discuss his experiences leading organizational change for the past 35 years. Some topics include:

Bill Joiner


Co-author of the award-winning book, Leadership Agility – and numerous articles on the same topic.

35 years experience completing successful organizational change, senior team development, leadership development, and executive coaching projects for companies in a wide variety of industries. Many high-profile clients, including companies of all sizes.

Other specialties: Keynotes on Leadership Agility, consulting on leadership development strategy, leadership workshops, Pivotal Conversations training for executives, facilitated executive retreats.

For more information about services and a client list, visit

Co-designed the Leadership Agility 360 with Cambria Consulting, well-established talent development firm. Regular coach certification workshops are provided by ChangeWise. See website.

MBA. Doctorate in Organization Development from Harvard.