In this episode of AgileNEXT, Dave West, CEO of, joins Daniel and Stephen and talks to us about Agile and the Agile ecosystem.  Some topics include:

  • Scrum and its evolution
  • Agile Brands
  • Technical Revolution vs Industrial Revolution
  • The value of certification
  • AgileNEXT


Dave West is the product owner at He is a frequent keynote speaker and is a widely published author of articles, along with his acclaimed book: Head First Object-Oriented Analysis and Design. He led the development of the Rational Unified Process (RUP) and then worked with Ivar Jacobson running the North American business for IJI. Then managed the software delivery practice at Forrester research where he was VP and research director. Prior to joining he was Chief Product Officer at Tasktop where he was responsible for product management, engineering and architecture.


In this episode of AgileNEXT, Dean Leffingwell, joins Daniel and Stephen and talks to us about Scaling Agile and the SAFe methodology he founded.  Some topics include:

  • Lean, Kanban, Scrum, FLOW, and the move toward unbranded Agility
  • The origins of and evolution of SAFe
  • Startups
  • Indiana Jones ride at Disney
  • AgileNEXT



Dean Leffingwell, a forty-year software industry veteran, has spent his career helping software teams achieve their goals. A renowned methodologist, author, multi-entrepreneur, consultant and executive, he has founded multiple software companies, including Scaled Agile, Inc, and Requisite, Inc., makers of RequisitePro, which was purchased by Rational Software (now IBM). He served as Vice President of Rational Software (now IBM) from 1997-2001. Later, as an independent consultant and advisor to Rally Software, he helped numerous distributed, multinational corporations implement Agile methods at scale.

He is the author of Leading SAFe Live Lessons (2014), Agile Software Requirements: Lean Requirements Practices for Teams, Programs, and the Enterprise (2011), Scaling Software Agility: Best Practices for Large Enterprises (2007) and first and second editions of Managing Software Requirements (1997 and 2001), all from Addison-Wesley.

He is the creator of the Scaled Agile Framework, a public-facing knowledge base of proven best practices that bring the benefits of software agility to the largest software enterprises. He currently serves as both Chief Methodologist and CEO at Scaled Agile, Inc., which he cofounded in 2011.

In this episode of AgileNEXT, Vinod Kumar joins Daniel and Stephen and talks to us about Agile, India, tech and the community. Some topics include:

  • Agile Teams
  • The role of tools
  • The Indian market
  • The Agile Community
  • AgileNEXT



Currently an Architect at Microsoft Technology Center, Bangalore.
Have been Application Developer, Database Administrator, R&D, Release cycles and Project Manager in a wide variety of SDLC.
I am interested in database technologies using Cloud, Big Data, MS-SQL Server, Oracle and others. Interesting in spreading the world of technology to the community and would like to talk the right usage of technology.

Also an community oriented person running the local SQL and .NET Group in Bangalore. Speaker at major conferences like TechEd, Author of books, Blogger and much more.

Competitive analysis with DB, SQL Server, BI, Reporting, ETL, Relational database features, .NET, Sharepoint, Office client Tools (Word, Outlook, PPT, Excel) etc.

Worked with various customers who come to MTC Lab for debugging, performance, security architecture, scalability, deployment, tuning and other performance issues.
Extensive experience in SQL Server optimization and fine-tuning.
Extensive experience in End-to-End architecture design and implementation.
Specialized in Big SQL Implementation, HA, DR, managing VLDB’s
Extensive experience making methodology and helping customers to the latest OS, SQL Server, Big Data and Cloud based solutions.
Some of the areas I help customers are discussions around Consolidation of infrastructure, Application Tuning, Databases, BI, Productivity, Application Platform and Azure based Architecture designs.

In this episode of AgileNEXT, Natalie Warnert joins Daniel and Stephen and talks to us about Agile and the community. Some topics include:

  • Agile Transformation
  • Coaching
  • Women in Agile
  • AgileNEXT



As a developer turned Agile coach, I understand and embrace what it takes to build great products. My extensive experience in Agile methods and user experience in the mobile and web-based industry makes my skills an asset to any team’s continuous improvement journey. From building the right product to building the product right, I am a driver of strategy and learning through validation. My recognized expertise has earned me a reputation as a thought leader in the Agile industry and has led to invitations to present and publish my ideas at the national level.

I have experience in healthcare, legal/regulatory, retail, and the P&C insurance industry.

I am also very active within the Agile industry including blogging at, writing articles for the Scrum Alliance and others, and speaking at Agile conferences like the Scrum Gathering. I am a recognized thought leader and industry expert in the Agile community. I am also very active with the grassroots #WomenInAgile initiative <>, focused on getting more women involved in contributing to the Agile community. I am also writing my thesis on increasing women’s involvement in the Agile community.

In this episode of AgileNEXT, Thomas Friend joins Daniel and Stephen and talks to us about Agile and the community. Some topics include:

  • Lessons learned serving in the military that translate to Agile
  • The Military’s use of Agile (using Agile to get the bad guys!)
  • The Agile Community
  • AgileNEXT



Tom is an Agile Consultant and Project Manager with 25 + years’ experience leading teams on projects in various industries. Extensive background in all phases of project management, SDLC application programming, and information systems design & implementation.

10 Second Resume:

• Agile-Scrum Trainer / Coach, CSP, CSM, ACP, PSM, FLEX, AHF
• 12+ Years Agile Scrum Experience
• 25+ Year IT Application Development
• GAO Agile Advisory Work Group
• Carnegie Mellon Agile Government Group
• DOD CIO Software Assurance Working Group
• Scrum Alliance Veteran Outreach Representative

Retired Military Officer / Squadron Commander / Pilot in the US Navy and US Air Force.


In this episode of AgileNEXT, Jacob Creech joins Daniel and Stephen and talks to us about agile and scaling. Some topics include:

  • Scaling Agile
  • The Agile Community
  • Lean Startup
  • The Market for Agile overseas
  • AgileNEXT



From Jacob:

I have a variety of experience working in a range of different industries in New Zealand, China and across Asia, in a wide number of roles including as CEO, Service Lead, Agile Coach, Trainer, Scrum Master and Product Owner.

I am the Agile National Service Owner at Assurity NZ – helping businesses and teams introducing Agile. I provide support through Agile/Scrum transformations with Agile/Scrum coaching and training services. My speciality is large scale Agile implementations in large enterprises. I am very passionate about Agile and helping both businesses and teams get the most out of Agile processes.

I especially enjoy making happier teams, happier workplaces, and more productive environments, and helping teams and individuals reach their potential.

I believe Agile culture is the driving force behind successful Agile implementations. I think we have to live the Agile values that we espouse as coaches, and practice Agile values in all aspects of my life. I know that supporting people is key to producing better outcomes for businesses. I also believe in taking a lean approach to business management and making sure we can deliver more value sooner.

I’ve passionate about communities and I’m active in both New Zealand and China. In Shanghai I’ve set up a popular Agile/Lean Startup User Group which helps all members of the local Agile/Lean Startup community to increase their skills and develop their networks. In my spare time I also run the Shanghai Photography Meetup group.

I’m a Scaled Agile Framework Program Consultant (SPC), Certified Scrum Professional (CSP) + CSM and CSPO, and a Professional Scrum Master (PSM) with a passion for helping projects succeed and delivering higher quality software sooner.

If you’d like to know more about me, or you’d like to learn more about Agile, feel free to get in touch – I’m always happy to share and learn, and I’d love to connect.

In this episode of AgileNEXT, Chris Guzikowski joins Daniel and Stephen and takes us inside the sausage factory: showing us how a book is made and how you can get published. Some topics include:

  • The Agile Book market and what the future looks like for publishing
  • How to get published
  • Career Development
  • The Agile Community
  • His time on the Scrum Alliance board
  • AgileNEXT



After more than fifteen years in various sales and marketing positions, Chris made the move to an editorial position at Pearson in 2005. He is currently responsible for the acquisition and development of intellectual property mostly related to agile methods (especially Scrum), software engineering, and programmer productivity. Chris served on the Scrum Alliance board of directors from 2012-2016.


In this episode of AgileNEXT, Pinal Dave joins Daniel and Stephen to discuss startups, the Indian market,  and what is in store for agile NEXT.  Some topics include:

  • Startups in India
  • CI
  • Corporate Culture
  • Remote working
  • Blogging



Pinal has been a part of the industry for more than eleven years.  During his career he has worked both in India and the US, mostly working with SQL Server Technology – right from version 6.5 to its latest form. Pinal has worked on many performance tuning and optimization projects for high transactional systems. He received his Master of Science from the University of Southern California and a Bachelors of Engineering from Gujarat University. Additionally, he holds many Microsoft certificates. He has been a regular speaker at many international events like TechEd, SQL PASS, MSDN, TechNet and countless user groups.

Pinal writes frequently writes on his blog on various subjects regarding SQL Server technology and Business Intelligence. His passion for the community drives him to share his training and knowledge. His previous experience includes Technology Evangelist at Microsoft and Sr. Consultant at SolidQ. Prior to joining Microsoft he was awarded the Microsoft MVP award for three continuous years for his outstanding community service and evangelizing SQL Server technology. He was also awarded the Community Impact Award – Individual Contributor. When he is not in front of a computer, he is usually traveling to explore hidden treasures in nature.

In this episode of AgileNEXT, Jean Russell joins Daniel and Stephen to discuss her thesis of Thrivabillity what is in store for agile NEXT.  Some topics include:

  • What is Thrivabillity
  • Transforming corporate culture
  • Corporate Innovation
  • Agile Coaching



Jean Russell is a culture hacker, facilitator, speaker, and writer. Jean navigates clients through the crucial questions of creating and nurturing collaborators and networks to develop healthy and productive relationships and organizational culture.

Jean does operations in the background and social design in the foreground.

As a founder of the thrivability movement and a premier expert on collective thriving, Jean speaks to and with social innovators, builders, and edge-riders from Malmo to Melbourne, and London to San Francisco. Demonstrating collaboration, she curated, “Thrivability: A Collaborative Sketch” in 2010 with 70 inspiring people. She wrote “Thrivability: Breakthroughs for a World That Works” (Triarchy Press, 2013). In Oct 2016, Triarchy is publishing her book with Herman Wagter, “Cultivating Flows: How Ideas Become Thriving Organizations.”

In 2017, she is finishing “Action Spectrum: How to Approach Social Change in a Shifting World.”

Her super-hero skill: amplifying the power of others around her and was thus dubbed “NurtureGirl” online.

Specialties: Facilitation – of participatory events. Innovation. Creativity. Collaboration. Social Era.

In this episode of AgileNEXT, Mitch Lacey joins Daniel and Stephen to discuss his work at Microsoft and what is in store for agile NEXT.  Some topics include:

  • Parenting and Agile
  • How to get buy-in with teams by selling the value of practices
  • Coming clean with Agility and Organizational Development
  • Luke Skywalker for POTUS 2016



Mitch Lacey is an agile practitioner and trainer and author of the popular book, “The Scrum Field Guide, Agile Advice for Your First Year and Beyond.” With over 10 years of Agile experience, and 18+ years managing projects, Mitch’s well rounded approach is suitable to any business. Companies that trust Mitch for his knowledge include Microsoft, Oracle, Bio-Rad, Costco, DemonWare, Morningstar, Qualcomm, Salem Health, SAP and more.

As a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST), PMI Project Management Professional (PMP) and Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP), Mitch shares his experience in project and client management through Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum courses, agile coaching engagements, conference presentations, blogs & white papers.

He has repeatedly presented at conferences including the Agile Alliance Agile conferences, the Better Software Conference and the SQE Agile Development Practices conferences. He has managed tracks for the Agile conference since 2008 and was the conference chair for Agile2012 and Agile2014.

He has published many papers including “Adventures in Promiscuous Pairing”, “Transitioning to Agile: Key Lessons Learned in the Field”, “The Impacts of Poor Estimating – & How to Fix It”, a variety of papers for Microsoft and “Immersive Interviewing – Building Great Agile Software Teams”.

Mitch served on the Board of Directors for the Agile Alliance (2011-2012) and the Scrum Alliance (2010-2011, 2014).

Specialties: Scrum, Agile, software development, program management, facilitation, coaching, project management, people development.