In this episode of AgileNEXT, Vinod Kumar joins Daniel and Stephen and talks to us about Agile, India, tech and the community. Some topics include:

  • Agile Teams
  • The role of tools
  • The Indian market
  • The Agile Community
  • AgileNEXT



Currently an Architect at Microsoft Technology Center, Bangalore.
Have been Application Developer, Database Administrator, R&D, Release cycles and Project Manager in a wide variety of SDLC.
I am interested in database technologies using Cloud, Big Data, MS-SQL Server, Oracle and others. Interesting in spreading the world of technology to the community and would like to talk the right usage of technology.

Also an community oriented person running the local SQL and .NET Group in Bangalore. Speaker at major conferences like TechEd, Author of books, Blogger and much more.

Competitive analysis with DB, SQL Server, BI, Reporting, ETL, Relational database features, .NET, Sharepoint, Office client Tools (Word, Outlook, PPT, Excel) etc.

Worked with various customers who come to MTC Lab for debugging, performance, security architecture, scalability, deployment, tuning and other performance issues.
Extensive experience in SQL Server optimization and fine-tuning.
Extensive experience in End-to-End architecture design and implementation.
Specialized in Big SQL Implementation, HA, DR, managing VLDB’s
Extensive experience making methodology and helping customers to the latest OS, SQL Server, Big Data and Cloud based solutions.
Some of the areas I help customers are discussions around Consolidation of infrastructure, Application Tuning, Databases, BI, Productivity, Application Platform and Azure based Architecture designs.

In this episode of AgileNEXT, Pinal Dave joins Daniel and Stephen to discuss startups, the Indian market,  and what is in store for agile NEXT.  Some topics include:

  • Startups in India
  • CI
  • Corporate Culture
  • Remote working
  • Blogging



Pinal has been a part of the industry for more than eleven years.  During his career he has worked both in India and the US, mostly working with SQL Server Technology – right from version 6.5 to its latest form. Pinal has worked on many performance tuning and optimization projects for high transactional systems. He received his Master of Science from the University of Southern California and a Bachelors of Engineering from Gujarat University. Additionally, he holds many Microsoft certificates. He has been a regular speaker at many international events like TechEd, SQL PASS, MSDN, TechNet and countless user groups.

Pinal writes frequently writes on his blog on various subjects regarding SQL Server technology and Business Intelligence. His passion for the community drives him to share his training and knowledge. His previous experience includes Technology Evangelist at Microsoft and Sr. Consultant at SolidQ. Prior to joining Microsoft he was awarded the Microsoft MVP award for three continuous years for his outstanding community service and evangelizing SQL Server technology. He was also awarded the Community Impact Award – Individual Contributor. When he is not in front of a computer, he is usually traveling to explore hidden treasures in nature.

This week we have a very special episode insofar as we have five guests and it is the first episode that Daniel and Stephen recorded live (so please pardon some of the acoustics.)

Our guests are the founding team of the Indian technology company e-Zest. We recorded it in June 2016 at their Technology Innovation Center in Pune, India during a 24 hackathon that was going on.

They talk to us about how they built e-Zest as a startup (and all five of them sharing a studio apartment in Bombay), how they embraced Agile, how they implemented Agile in an offshore environment, and lastly how they scaled Agile.

The founders of e-Zest are:

Jaywant Deshpande
Chief Operating Officer & Founder
Complete profile
Amol Pande
Director and Founder
Complete profile


Ashish Gupta
Chief Technology Officer & Founder
Complete profile


Sunil Dane
Director and Founder
Complete profile