In this episode of AgileNEXT, Jean Russell joins Daniel and Stephen to discuss her thesis of Thrivabillity what is in store for agile NEXT.  Some topics include:

  • What is Thrivabillity
  • Transforming corporate culture
  • Corporate Innovation
  • Agile Coaching



Jean Russell is a culture hacker, facilitator, speaker, and writer. Jean navigates clients through the crucial questions of creating and nurturing collaborators and networks to develop healthy and productive relationships and organizational culture.

Jean does operations in the background and social design in the foreground.

As a founder of the thrivability movement and a premier expert on collective thriving, Jean speaks to and with social innovators, builders, and edge-riders from Malmo to Melbourne, and London to San Francisco. Demonstrating collaboration, she curated, “Thrivability: A Collaborative Sketch” in 2010 with 70 inspiring people. She wrote “Thrivability: Breakthroughs for a World That Works” (Triarchy Press, 2013). In Oct 2016, Triarchy is publishing her book with Herman Wagter, “Cultivating Flows: How Ideas Become Thriving Organizations.”

In 2017, she is finishing “Action Spectrum: How to Approach Social Change in a Shifting World.”

Her super-hero skill: amplifying the power of others around her and was thus dubbed “NurtureGirl” online.

Specialties: Facilitation – of participatory events. Innovation. Creativity. Collaboration. Social Era.